Fee Structure
Charges are subject to change on an annual basis. I reserve the right to impose supplemental charges at any time from the booking of my services until the end of the booking, if the assisgnment doesn't match the client's original description. This will include for the purpose of credit, if invoices are not paid promptly. I also reserve the right to terminate an agreement without any liability on my part if circumstances radically change in the assignment which could not have been forseen by either party.
Payment Terms
For dog walking payment is due after the first dog(s) walk. If both parties are happy with the service and another booking is made, the fee will be continued as such and taken after every dog(s) walk, unless otherwise agreed. Unless other terms have been agreed, a deposit of 50% will be required for the pet sitting service when I arrive to collect the keys or on the first day of my assignment. The final 50% can be paid once the owners arrive home. Failure to pay invoices by the due date can render the booking liable to cancellation without any liability on my part.
Accurate background information is essential, as any withheld information (such as aggressive behaviour or health problems) may have a deterimental impact on the animal, the care giver and potientally members of the public. To allow the animal to be exercised, stimulated and looked after in a responsible and safe manner, correct information needs to be disclosed in the first instance when answering questions the pet sitter asks.
You will need to complete the agreement form to confirm that all the information you have given allows me to act in your pet(s) best interest. If you would like your dog(s) walked off lead I will need it in writing. In the event of your pet(s) cause any loss, damage or escape while in my care, you the owner will be liable for compensating me for any damage, unless through any of my service due to negligence, your pet has become ill or receives an injury.
Incomplete or incorrect information will render the owner as accepting full financial responsibility and liability for loss or damage caused.
My dog walking and pet sitting service is fully insured. My insurance covers public liability, liability to an animal and loss of keys/replacement locks. This is for the business activities of pet walkers, pet minding and house sitting. Collection of your pet(s) is also included.
The health and welfare of your pet(s) is paramount. In the case of an emergency every effort will be made to contact you the owner and/or any emergency contacts. However I reserve the right to act in your pet(s) best interest, and make any necessary decisions regarding it's health and welfare. You will be responsible for any payments of veterinary fees during your absence with or without verbal permission.
Please inform me if any bitches are in season and I will keep them away from any full males. Dogs with a history of aggression towards people or other animals or dogs registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act won't be accepted for safety reasons. However animals which have some behaviour problems will be considered after discussion. Dogs and cats using the pet sitting and dog walking service need to be kept up to date with worming, tick and flea treatments. 
It is agreed that it's the client's responsibility to adequately insure their property, contents and any pets for the duration of my stay. I also reserve the right to cancel or terminate at any time, but will refund any deposits if it's through no fault of the clients.

Terms of Service